Music City FAQs

Q: I missed the Live Draft. How do I find out what team I am on?
A: You can view every team's Live Roster (lists player's name, sex, primary position, secondary position, and facebook name) as well as each team's jersey previews by going to or by using these links below:
Music City 1:
Music City 2:

Q: We're forming our team messenger group, and we cannot find "John Doe". What should we do?
A: Give them a minute. There are a few people out there that share facebook accounts with their significant others or use a different facebook name. They usually surface eventually. However, to help expedite the process, please look for the official "In Search Of" thread on the Spiderz Mega Draft Facebook group. Here you can search others looking to find their teams, or teams looking for players. Another trick is to Search the players name in our Facebook Group People/Members area. Make sure they are the right person though! We have many players who share the same first and last name as others in the group. Shoot them a message to confirm they are the right person. 

Q: I am on the waitlist, and haven't been contacted I not getting in?
A: Even though "Draft Day' has come and gone, there will still be players who need to drop due to life circumstances. We use the waitlist (in order as we received them) to fill spots as they open up. Still keep your eyes peeled on your INBOX!

Q: I see my team has (3) different jerseys. Do I need to buy all (3)?
A: You already get all (3) as part of your registration fee. The jerseys you see are "Companion Jerseys" and are optional in the event you want to buy any extra for your significant other, children, or just extras as you know you sweat a ton! You are also welcome to purchase any other color combo you like. These are only available until 9am cst May 31. 

Q: We just had a player drop. What should we do?
A: Make sure the player dropping reaches out to so we have it recorded. We will then find a replacement off of the waiting list. Teams may NOT find their own replacements.

Q: I just suffered a major injury/lost my job/can't make it to Nashville. Do I get a refund?
A: Per the terms and conditions you agreed to at registration, if you drop between Draft Day and August 1st, 2022 you are eligible for a refund less $120 in which we will ship your (3) custom jerseys to you after the event. Any other extra/optional add on pieces (ie. official jerseys, bag tags, long sleeves etc) are not eligible for a refund. 

Q: Where can I find a copy of the rules and find out what bats are allowed?
A: Rules can be found at

Q: What day/time do games start/finish?
A: Games will start, for both events, as early as 8am on Thursday morning. All teams will play on Thursday. The championship "if" game is typically scheduled around 8pm on Sunday. Brackets will be published

at approximately 30 days out from the event.
Q: Do you ship us our uniform package prior to the event?
A: Uniform packages are handed out at the event prior to your 1st game. There will be a pick-up schedule published approx 30 days prior to the event.

Q: When/Where are the Home Run Derby sign ups?
A: Home Run Derby sign ups will start approximately 30 days prior to the tournament. Watch the Spiderz Mega Drafts Facebook group page for more details.